Managing Your Books Make You Cringe? NOT ME!

I specialize in helping small business owners MANAGE THEIR BOOKS!

Your Hopes & Aspirations…
Our #1 Priority

Working to balance between your skills, your time, and your accounting budget is our strategy for delivering maximum benefit for your accounting dollar.

J Roberts Accounting works with a broad spectrum of clients, but never uses a cookie-cutter approach. Jeff can help set up your own books … or keep them for you … or anything in between.

Like most small accounting firms, we handle small businesses and prepare taxes … helping our clients navigate the sometimes murky waters of business to land them safely at their destination without springing a leak or even sinking.

Who We Help: The Proof Is In The Pudding

Building lasting partnerships by sharing his depth of experience and knowledge is Jeff’s own best investment of time … yielding both satisfied clients and valued relationships.



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Professional Services


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YES, we do paperwork!

Corporations, LLC’s, sole proprietors, individuals. Year end taxes, sales taxes, payroll taxes. Bank reconciliations, Quickbooks, statements, tax projections. Lots of paperwork! But paperwork is NOT the principal focus of our business … people are more important. So we concentrate on our client’s needs, plans, situations, hopes, and aspirations.

  • Corporations

  • LLC’s

  • Sole proprietors

  • Individuals

  • Year End Taxes

  • Sales Taxes

  • Payroll Taxes

  • Bank Reconciliations

  • Quickbooks

  • Statements

  • Tax Projections

  • Lots of paperwork!